Thanks a lot for your question! Beth37 – Here is my response to your question. The response to all three questions is a resounding – yes. Research has uncovered that the answer is yes there’s a relationship.

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Thanks a lot for your question! Beth37 – Here’s my answer to your question. The answer to all three questions is a resounding – yes. Research has learned that the answer is yes there is a relationship. There may be nothing incorrect in knowing the past if what you seek out is a much better future. Addiction to a product is a vehicle that hides beyond, present and future. I agree that it seems sensible to employ a holistic strategy that addresses both symptom and the root cause of addiction when dealing with patients with addictions. Ignoring the cause (trauma) can make the symptoms (addiction) worse or simply dealing with the “symptoms” can make the “cause” more intense. Traditional modes of treatment (the full details such as AA or NA, though very successful and put in a boat load of support, are just dealing with the symptoms and therefore the root cause moves ignored and not mentioned. For just a trauma survivor it is much easier to give attention to the symptoms (addition) than have to handle the reason for the emptiness.

Members in such meetings are not permitted to face or even talked about abuse or stress she or he experienced and induced them to get started to use to begin with. In case a person cannot face their earlier pain, how will they ever be will to deal with or face their present pain? Sign in or 0 of 8192 heroes usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in reviews, but URLs will be hyperlinked. The Minuscule Challenge will give you a preference of the actual 30 Day Concern can do for changing limiting beliefs and addictions. The bond between addictions and trauma was ignored. Thanks a lot for this informative well written hub about the connection between addictions and trauma. Is there a link between addictions and injury? Holistic strategy is important because both addictions and trauma impact every aspect of a human. In fact research have proven there’s a true cause and impact relationship between the two.

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Based on this viewpoint, the distressing event is the reason and the addiction is the sign. The survivor continues to invest in the relationship with the addiction. Success is felt when the emptiness discomfort is fully gone and as long as he or she continues to use, the unfilled feeling continues away. At that time self-love is replaced by the sensation of emptiness. Trauma robs a victim of several things but a significant human ability is robbed is that of self-love. Injury robs self of the authentic relationship. No-one will well with sense empty and depart by self applied. The now survivor provides strong resentment against home, so validation is sought from the outside and personal is ignored. The idea is “better to have a terrible marriage with something outside of me than be left with someone I do nothing like”. Addiction to a substance also hides the initial addiction and this was to a thought.

Clinical studies showed it is a strong relationship between addiction and the symptoms of Post traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD because both are a byproduct of trauma. As everyone understands the post effects of experiencing abusive or traumatic life situations is Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The survivor feels as though they’re exceptional situation all over again and has lost control. Over time a relationship varieties. At some point the relationship changes and the addiction gains control, opposite tolerance occurs and the partnership becomes poisonous. Every addiction starts off with a thought, pub none of them. The “addiction treatment system” has finally accepted that experiencing the aftereffects of trauma is a precursor for the introduction of an addiction. So from the individual’s viewpoint with a brief history of abusive or traumatic experiences that began experiencing PTSD symptoms after, the pain was real and frustrating, causing her or him to seek immediate relief. Background may be rewritten in your behalf.

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Thanks for submitting this useful article. Happyboomernurse – Thank you for your touch upon this short article. Good info, thanks Dr. Bill. Thanks a lot for pointing that out in such a clear and concise manner for both suffer and other experts to see and maybe be able to encounter more effectual treatment final results because of this. It really is good to see someone with your credentials writing on this topic. In the key cluster of PTSD symptoms is the worse indicator of them all. Helping people is the main objective. I experienced it was important to express my experience in both field and the best approach to helping others get through an addiction with a distressing backgrounds. In the beginning the field of addictions was isolated rather than accepted by the supporting professions (treatments, research, psychiatry and psychology). Addictions can be the direct consequence of attempting to stop or control the surfacing mental, emotional and/or physical post unprocessed feelings of past traumatic experiences. Over the years both the domains addictions and stress have come into their own. Survivors will need against the law or legal chemicals (pain medication, alcohol, anxiety medication), participate in unhealthy actions (not wanting to eat or over eating, self-harm, self-sabotage, and extreme exercise), engage in repeated distracting thoughts and/or get involved in destructive connections.